January 2022 Minutes

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Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting of Tattershall with Thorpe Parish Council held on Thursday 13th January 2022 at Tattershall Village Hall and remotely.

Councillors present were Mr Coulber, Mr Edwards, Mr Eldridge, Mr Langley, Mrs Knowles, Mrs Dawson, Mr Wadsworth, Mr Keeling, Mr Brown, C Cllr T Ashton and D Cllr Mr Avison plus clerk Mrs K Elliott and 8 members of the public.

7.08 pm

Public Forum: It was RESOLVED to have the public forum during the meeting to allow members of the public to speak on the planning application received.


2021/127      Welcome & Chairman’s Report – Mrs Dawson, Chair welcomed everyone to this evenings meeting.

2021/128      Apologies – The parish clerk reported that apologies for absence with valid reasons given have been received from parish councillors Mrs Harvey, Mrs Taylor and Mr Leggate and it was proposed, seconded, voted and RESOLVED that apologies be noted with valid reasons for absence being accepted.

2021/129      To Receive Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 – there were none.

Public Forum:

a)   Planning Application S/175/02585/21: Councillors discussed this planning application.  Concerns were raised with regards to the access to the proposed site onto a 50mph road.  There is also no pavement on that side of the road or pedestrian crossing.  There are insufficient sixth form school places and medical and dental services.  Are there any protected species in the ponds?

Again access onto the A153 was felt to be unsuitable alongside the proximity to the Tattershall Lakes site access.  Modification of the highways could alleviate these problems.

Are we for or against the proposal?  The overload or medical and dental infrastructure is a major problem.

LCC have commented on the lack of schools places issue and have factored in £500,000 of S106 contributions.

The speed of a decision was also discussed and the size and magnitude of the proposed development, is this scale too large for our current parish?

The Local Planning Authority (ELDC) makes the decision with regard to pressure on infrastructure.  It may be that if this proposal were to go ahead the increased in population would improve and increase the local shops.

Do we think that this is the right size of development at this time?

The bottom corner of the site is in flood zone 2.

The figures quoted from the road survey taken in November do not take into account the busier times of the tourist season when traffic has been queueing to access the Tattershall Lakes site.  We could request that another survey is carried out at a busier time of the year.

All other possible sites for example in Coningsby have been allocated.   Could the application be for fewer homes?

Mr S Avison, D Cllr notes that the Highways concerns can be resolved, with a footway installed and the road widened.  It is also likely that the speed would be reduced to either 40mph or 30mph.  There has not been much development in Tattershall for a long time and there has been lots in Coningsby.  It is Mr Avison’s intention to support this application.

Mr T Ashton, C Cllr states that he is happy to support whatever decision the parish want to make.  This development is outside of the East Lindsey local plan.  Mr Ashton also confirmed that a probable reduction of the speed on this road would be likely if the development were to go ahead.  It is a little bit out on a limb but it is more likely to support Tattershall businesses and infrastructures.

This is the first application of this kind and scale outside of the local plan.  Education and Highways will make representations.  Some quotes from the application about the Library, Doctors at Bramhall are out of date and provide a false impression.  Questions were raised about the flood plan and also the primary and secondary school capacity.

This is a large development for Tattershall but not for the whole of ELDC.  The LPA have experience in dealing with such developments and this is a good use of this piece of land.  This will make Tattershall a more viable village with more demand.

A further discussion took place about the fact that the infrastructure has not grown with previous developments.  The Post Office has closed.  If the parish grows there will be real and practical difficulties in accessing Doctors and other medical resources.  The site is ideal but the infrastructure is lacking.  There is a large transient population at certain times of the year with tourists and other visitors and some of the analysis provided is not accurate at times of stress – that is during the summer months.

2021/130      Planning Matters –

a)   Planning Application S/175/02585/21: Councillors discussed this planning application.  How are we to respond to this application?  It was RESOLVED to state our concerns as discussed and listed above.  We are broadly in favour of this development.  We are RESOLVED to agree in principle to the development.

2021/131      Items for next agenda were requested – 

a)   Full Council Meeting – it was proposed, seconded, voted and RESOLVED that this will be held on Tuesday 1st February 2022, at 7.15pm.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending the meeting and there being no further business the meeting closed at 8.00 pm.